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Our place

At Little India our goal has always been to focus on serving great food alongside attentive customer service. It’s something we always try to go above and beyond for, which is what makes us what we are today.


Back in 2017, we opened the only unlicensed Indian restaurant in Ashby. Where at first, it raised many eyebrows as several other places around Ashby served alcohol in-house. However we saw this from a difference perspective. We wanted to bring delicious, flavourful Indian and Bangladeshi dishes to Ashby and keep that as our main focus. Although we’re unlicensed, we welcome customers to bring their own alcoholic drinks from wherever they wish with the bonus of corkage-free dining.


Not only is it a benefit for the customer, but it also helps other businesses in Ashby, as we always suggest to bring in alcohol from neighbouring places such as off-licences and pubs. 


As a a result, it came to be a huge hit amongst many of our customers.

Extended and Modernised

Through the continuous support we’ve received we had been able to grasp an opportunity to extend what was a small little restaurant, to a restaurant twice the size.

We made the most of the first Covid-19 lockdown by extending through the back, with the dining room doubling in size and the kitchen tripling in size! Along with it we gave the restaurant a refreshing new decor, making it a place you’d want to revisit again.

You can see from the images in the slideshow how much we've changed!

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